Illustration – The Whore from Babylon – April 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

Here I am! Back with some kind of “salutary darkness”. Although I love logo design, toys’ store logos are FAR AWAY, THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAYS from my usual dark universe. Keeping busy on my learning and my internship research, I didn’t devote many time to drawing. I repaired this terrible mistake last night, as at 1.00 A.M. I touch my ink pencils and taken by some kind of creative fever, drew it in 10-15 minutes.

DarkDancer001Since a few days I re-watched Fritz Lang’s classic Metropolis, my brain is literally BOILING. I have many ideas for my graphic design stuff, for my drawings. I have ONE favorite scene in this film, which is dance scene, called the “dance of Babylon Whore”, a biblical metaphor announcing the End of Time – but I don’t remember exactly if it’s from Prophecies books, or John’s Book of Revelations. The fact is the first time I watched Metropolis as a teen (I already had particular tastes) I have been like struck by thunder as I saw this wonderful and hypnotic dance scene: A female robot looking like main character Maria, portrayed by young actress Brigitte Helm, has been created by evil scientist Rotwand. Indeed, Metropolis boss Joh Fredersen, knowing Maria is considered to be a spiritual guide announcing the coming of a mediator who will reconcile both workers and bosses classes, wants to ruin the reputation of the girl among the workers. Rotwand creates this machine, but more than anything, he wants to use it into destroying Metropolis and Fredersen’s work. So this “fake” Maria unleashes trouble in the city, after a dance bewitching men from Metropolis upper-class… 

This drawing is clearly inspired by this scene, in which female robot appears like the Whore from Babylon, sitting on the back of a seven-headed beast and holding a cup filled with blood. Inspired by high contrasts and impressive expressivity of Lang’s film, I drew something very, very dark. The dancer seems like emerging from darkness and her glowing eyes add something threatening, telling the spectator: “I see you. I know you can’t stop looking at me. I know you will surrender.”

I don’t think I am a particularly bad individual, but I cannot deny a fascination for dark stuff, and I regularly need to express it on paper. Maybe because this darkness allows me to appreciate and to re-discover a part of light in myself… I had to draw this. Into not forgetting, as I devote so many time to digital art and visual identity projects, that creation also is an individual and personal act that can express whatever I want.

I hope you liked this last drawing and I wish you to have a nice dark day! I’ll be back very soon with something new!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Graphic Design Studies – Logo Design – Toy Store – Sketches – April 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,


Logos with puzzle pieces

I’m sorry for the few illustrations I provided these past few weeks… The fact is I’m quite busy with my graphic design studies and my internship research in Paris. So I’m back with something joyful and colorful, far away from y usual universe! It seems I’m evolving with new stuff I’m learning!

At school, I’m currently working on a big project: creating a toy-store’s visual identity – logo, visit card, headed paper, bag… The name of the store is Toy-Land (using English is French business is quite trendy…). First step of this work consists in sending my research portfolio. In this portfolio, I have to present several sketches for logos, and three projects based on most relevant sketches.

Although it’s not called a practical “professional” case I tried to make it as professional as possible. I read a lot about kids branding and logos targeting children, which have to be reassuring, colorful, striking and comprehensible. 

In fact, I drew about sixty logos ideas, but selected twenty-two in my portfolio. Here are several of them.


Logos representing puzzle pieces together


I worked on several possibilities, essentially logic games like puzzles and Rubik’s Cube, because they can please very young children and young teens, and girls and boys. I didn’t want something looking too muck like baby stuff and separating genders! I think nowadays it’s not relevant… and although I loved playing with Barbie dolls as a kid (a consequence of my passion for storytelling), I also enjoyed Lego bricks and Playmobil, construction games and puzzles I liked doing with my parents and my brother.

I also worked on flying objects like balloons, rockets and airships, because they represent the power of dream and imagination. In French, when we talk about someone who daydreams a lot, we say “they have their head in the clouds”, or they are “on the Moon”.


Air Balloons








Typography and Puzzle Pieces


Cube and Typography


Second Version of the Cube

I already selected three projects I designed and colored on Illustrator, but I’ll show you more once my portfolio will be ready and sent to school! :) You’re lucky, because I won’t post it on my French blog until this weekend! But if you liked it, or if you have a good knowledge of graphic design and visual identity issues, I’d be glad to read your suggestions!

Have a nice day! I hope I’ll provide some new personal artwork soon, like paintings, drawings and digital art!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Graphic Design – Fantasy Book Cover Concept – April 2015

Hey you Dear Readers and Followers,

I’m glad to come back with some new personal experimentation, related to fantasy art and my recent fairy tale landscapes. I re-used them for a new concept of book covers. As they looked very dreamlike, I picked a fantasy book in my parents’ library. Do you remember I wrote those creations reminded me of arthurian legend? So I chose Marion Zimmer Bradley’s series of The Mist of Avalon (in French we call it The Ladies of the Lake).

CouverturesDamesduLac1I used InDesign into designing something looking more professional and modern for this cult series. I used my dream-like pictures created with Photoshop for a simple but visually pleasant result, adapted to mysterious and dark atmosphere of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s work.

CouverturesDamesduLac1BisI designed these covers like pocket book covers, and tried to imagine how I’d like they could look like in my personal library. So I paid a particular attention to edges. I created a fake publisher logo (I guess this publishing house doesn’t exist), and devoted some space to price, copyright and a kind of barcode, as you usually find on book covers. Aesthetically, it’s not what I like the most, but I think a graphic designer has to think about this kind of things.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed it, and that it gives an idea of my new competences! :) I also hope it could be of some use in my portfolio as I am looking for an internship in Paris.

Have a nice night, and dark sweet dreams!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Study – Snow White Re-Interpreted – April 2015

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers!

I’m sorry for all this time without any drawing, but I’m back with a new interpretation of fairy tale. Maybe you remember my re-interpreation of Red Riding Hood, but this time I dare to use more colors and crayons, into re-interpreting… Snow White. So as you see, she’s quite different from Disney’s animated film (I have to say I’m not fond of it, although it’s considered to be a masterpiece).


Snow White in the River…

So what’s different on this representation?… I’m not afraid of nudity – at least I’m not anymore. I represented Snow White in an unusual posture, like a very sensual naked young lady taking a bath in a river – maybe not far away from dwarves’ home. She feels secure fare away from her step-mother. If you already watched Snow White: A Tale of Horror starring Sigourney Weather and Monica Keena, you probably remember the way Liliana bites in poisoned apple. She’s sitting near a river and and old ugly lady comes with a basket full of apples and gently talks with her about life and men.

I wanted to recreate something similar with an audacious Snow White who’s more powerful, not afraid of her feminity. She takes a bath in a river, during a lovely autumn, with red leaves floating on the water and letting marks on her pale skin. Her hair, crazy and curly, give her a very natural and savage beauty, in contrast with traditional reppresentation of the “princess”. She looks cute, of course, but the eye focuses on her body’s pale skin. By the way, I’m sorry for her strange proportions… ;) She’s curiously looking at something behind… Indeed in the background you can see a strange creature, appearing like from the ground, in green clothes, holding a red and attracting apple. I didn’t want to draw an ugly and frightening witch. I wanted to represent Evil Queen like a more noble creature – a fairy or even a nymph. The only thing is her red eyes glowing in the forest.

At the moment, it’s only a study or a sketch, but I really hope it will be a more complex and achieved work in the next day.

I got so many things to do – graphic design, painting – I’ll try to deal with all this! Have a nice night, and dark sweet dreams! I hope you liked it!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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