Creative Stationery Made in France for Paris Lovers – March 2015

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers!

As you have probably seen on this blog, I love writing and I’m fond of beautiful stationery and one of my dreams, as a student in graphic design, is to be able to design, one day, a beautiful stationary collection… :) 

A few years ago, French stationery brand Clairefontaine started working with several designer, creating interesting and wonderful collections of notebooks, notepads, pencil cases and even home decoration. Two recent collections are related to Paris. Last year, as I worked there, I learnt to love this place anew. Every day, when I left the office, I could see the Arc de Triomphe and sometimes, Eiffel Tower.


Notebooks by Les Cakes de Bertrand and Chacha by Iris

So I’m glad to present you those both collection my mother and I are particularly fond of: Les Cakes de Bertrand (Bertrand’s Cakes) and Chacha by Iris. Both designers are women, and they created a collection of stationary and fashion accessories. This “girly” stuff seems very far away from my usual universe, but the fact is I miss Paris and my friends there. So I am fond of anything reminding me of this wonderful town – Eiffel Tower in particular. Les Cakes de Bertrand seems to be inspired by 1950 movies with textile motives, and fantasmagorical views on Eiffel Tower like in old films starring American actresses like Audrey Hepburn. Chacha by Iris looks quite Japanese and Korean, reminding of some Asian paintings with vegetal motives and soft colors.


Pencil Case by Les Cakes de Bertrand


Paperweights by Les Cakes de Bertrand (Background) and Chacha by Iris (Forefront)


But they also design pencil cases and paperweights. If one day you come to France and have the opportunity of purchasing some stationary made in France, I’m sure it could make wonderful souvenir or present to you dearest ones, and surely a prettier souvenir than everything you can buy in tourist shops. Maybe you could tell your French adventures and write your thoughts… ;)

For more information, have a look at Clairefontaine’s site and on pages related to Les Cakes de Bertrand and Chacha by Iris.

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Study – Little Red Riding Hood – Re-Interpreted – Mars 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

EvaLoup002Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the small success of my last digital art feature on this blog, last week. I’m very honored you liked it, and the fact you like it encourages me to continue what I’m doing, and to fight for it.

I’m glad to show you some new drawing, which is not related to my graphic design studies. As you have probably seen on this blog, if you had a look at my older drawings and illustrations, I’m very fond of literature and mythology, which inspired me a lot. I particularly like fairy tales involving animals – especially wolves. I recently read Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber, an anthology of re-interpreted fairy tales – among them, The Little Red Riding Hood called The Company of Wolves. It has a very pleasing erotic dimension, and most of the tales re-interpreted by Angela Carter explore the motive of the young woman accepting her own bestiality, and occasionally the Beaty turning into the Beast. By the way, it’s a quite interesting book.

I wanted to draw something depicting this. It’s more like a sketch, a study for something more sophisticated and achieved I’ll make later on this same topic. You can see a naked brunette, lying on a wolf’s side, as her red cape is used like a blanket… Does she looks afraid? ;) I don’t think so… I hope you liked it and I can’t wait to produce an achieved work!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Digital Art – Fairy Tale Landscape – Part II – March 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

Here’s my last post of the evening regarding my fantasy-like landscapes. I edited the same pictures, but  I worked on light, colors and blurring effects.


Regarding blur-effect, I have been inspired by John Boorman’s Excalibur dreamlike photography in forests and near Avalon lake.



So I hope you liked it… Have sweet dreams full of beautiful lakes and strange creatures swimming in their dark waters…


Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Digital Art – Fairy Tale Landscape – Part I – March 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

I’m back with my pictures, or dreamlike visions I re-created with Photoshop, as you saw it in previous post.  I reused this idea of mixing painting effect with black and white photography. Original pictures represent Waterlily Pond in Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, but there is something troubling and fairy-like in this pond. In mythology, many lakes and rivers are full of strange and threatening creatures.


I willingly mixed those both techniques, into making pictures look like illustrations from a fairy tales book, or something artificial possible only someone’s imagination. I worked with filters and edited colors into highlighting light effects and giving landscapes a supernatural dimension.



Once more I highlighted greens and flowers’ colors in pond’s views. I am really, really fond of this emerald green reminding of legendary dark forests and John Boorman’s Excalibur photography. I was at my parents this afternoon and as my Mum saw this pictures, she noticed: “Only a unicorn is missing…” I was thing only the Lady of the Lake, emerging between waterlilies, was missing. :)


The fact is I managed to give these pictures a fantasy-like dimension… exactly as I wanted too. And I really hope you liked it. On my side, I’d really like to make something more complex, once I’ll master digital painting and other techniques.

I’m going to post last series of my Fairy Tale landscape… :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Digital Art – Phantasmagorical Waterlilies – March 2015

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers!

I’m back with some sort of experimentations with Photoshop… Indeed, I’m still attending my graphic design distance classes. But since I got my first client, I feel confident enough to try and to produce my own stuff, which is not necessarily related to my homework. As I explained in some older posts, I was not really fond of Photoshop until I re-discovered it through an interesting book exploring all aspects of this wonderful software’s basis and its possibilities…

So I decided to edit some pictures I took two years ago in Giverny, the village of famous painter Claude Monet’s house. I wasn’t a big fan of his house itself, but I really enjoyed the garden and waterlily pond he represented so many times on his canvasses. I took a lot of pictures in pond area… and some of them were really beautiful. In fact, weather was terrible, but the sun appeared when I stood at the pond, so some of my original pictures look like paintings.


Waterlily Pond of Giverny with “Painted” flowers

I initially wanted to rework those pictures into creating a poster concept about Giverny, with some parts looking like a painting, with Photoshop oil painting filter. On this first version, I also work on greens into making them appear blueish. I also worked on colors and contrasts into making the picture look quite magical, quite fantasy- and dreamlike.


Black, white and blue Waterlily Pond in Giverny

But I felt the potential of darkness too. So as I realized those pictures could have a fantasy dimension, I worked on contrasts into highlighting darker parts of the picture, and I changed the color of waterlilies, for a blue-purple color. I really loved this effect, and the effect of light through flowers’ petals.

But I’m going to post other pictures of this kind in next posts, and I hope you’ll enjoy it although it seems far away from my usual creations! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Portrait in Tim Burton’s Style – Rediscovering Crayons – March

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers,

I just uncovered this drawing I couldn’t put my hands on these past few days!… For once, a color illustration made with kids’s crayons. I know it can seem strange, but since I started learning graphic design I re-discovered some “basic” techniques I used as a child like felt pen, color pencil I let down because I thought I wasn’t really skilled in the usage of color… and crayons. I like crayons for their very bright colors. O thought they could fit my Tim Burton like experimentations.


I made this portrait of an hazel-haired and big eyed young lady, looking like a Tim Burton’s character, exactly as I made it for my novel’s character. I am considering using this technique for my next drawing experimentations, regarding this series. I hope you’re not fed up with my Tim Burton stuff, and I’m sorry for this repetitive topic! :) However, I made this girl look healthier than characters from Corpse Bride, with her lovely red lips and pink doll-like cheeks… and with her “curves”!

Have a nice week-end, every one! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Photography Editing – Self Portrait Like a She-Wolf – March 2015

Hey you, Dear Readers and Followers!

I’m back with some new feature allowing me to improve my Photoshop and picture editing skills. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I’m still experimenting different solutions. The fact is I love the association of black and white with bright red. On women’s portraits it add a little “femme fatale” touch. :)

I admit making a self portrait can seem narcissistic. The fact is I am quite hung-up. There are many things I don’t like in myself, and taking pictures of me is terrible for other people because I always find myself horrible. But I wanted to change my “artist’s portrait” on Gravatar, on my Twitter and Facebook pages. I wanted to create something with a supernatural dimension, in accordance with my novel Le Sang des Wolf. As you know if you have seen its illustrations on this blog, wolves often appear, and some characters have strange glowing eyes… I wanted to recreate this, with myself.

EvaWolfSo I used a portrait of myself which wasn’t too awful and re-worked it, in black and white, with a light blurred effect. What I like with blurred effect it this dream-like dimension it adds to a picture, which becomes more like a ferric apparition. I also reworked light and contrast, into adding some depth, highlighting the shape of my nose and making my eyebrows appear. Because when there’s too much light they sometimes disappear on pictures. I know it’s strange, anyway… Of course, I made lips very red. I know this kind of composition is very common, but I find it gorgeous and very sexy. It reminds me of these actresses of the 1930’s and 1940’s, theses femmes fatales of films noirs.

And I’m coming to supernatural stuff. :) Indeed, I wanted to look like some characters from my novel with strange glowing eyes. So I used digital paintings into putting a little glow in the pupil. It’s light, but it works! :) So know I have to improve my “glowing eyes” skills! It was quite funny to work on a portrait of myself, to give myself a wolf’s eye, because I’m fond of these animals. So now, I can tell I’m the girl who writes about wolves… and it will be my profile picture and you’ll have to get used to it!

I hope you liked this picture. Do not hesitate to comment and give me some pieces of advice about how improving my technique! :) It would be a honor.

Have a nice night, and dark sweet dreams full of wolves! ;)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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