Digital Arts – Blanche & the Beast – March 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

I’m glad to share with you my last photomontage, a personal experimentation with Photoshop related to fairy tales. Indeed, I am fascinated by their significance. In this montage I used several elements inspired by Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast, and by re-interpretation of the tale by Angela Carter’s short story The Company of Wolves, where the wolf appears in the shape of a young gentleman seducing main female character. I have to say I am fond of wolves – maybe my romantic side – and werewolves’ stories. (In my opinion, werewolves are more interesting than vampires… Hey why do you think I wrote about wolves and not about vampires? ;) )


I wanted to create a modern re-interpretation of these stories, and making main female character a modern young woman with fashionable clothes, like a femme fatale. Unfortunately, I am my only female model in the vicinity… and I am not a Claudia Schiffer or a Naomi Campell. I’m sorry for that. ;) I chose my favorite lace dress (I call it my “femme fatale” dress) and my scarlet coat I used like a blanket. The Wolf/Beast appears like a young man wearing a suit, looking at this smiling girl sitting on her red coat in the forest. He doesn’t seem particularly threatening in his “allure” but with digital painting I exaggerated the glow in his eyes and created like a smile on his face. Yes, my wolf is smiling. :) 


Of course, the tale of Red Riding Hood has a very “sexy” dimension. Indeed, we have an old expression in France: when we say that a young lady “has seen the wolf”, it means she has lost her virginity. So if you come in France and hear about a girl or a young woman that she “has never seen the wolf”, understand she never had a boyfriend. So a wolf is a kind of symbol for sensuality, romantic love and passion.

Regarding my aesthetic choice, I’m fond of black and white, I wanted the only color to be scarlet coat – color of blood, danger, passion and erotic. This representation is not Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s a suggested, soft erotic. I highlighted contrasts. Of course, I know it’s not perfect, I still have to improve my Photoshop skills, but I am happy with working about stuff fitting my personal universe.

I really hope you liked it, and I can’t wait to provide new stuff on this blog… my favorite blog. :) 

Have dark sweet dreams full of smiling wolves, sweeties!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Graphic Design – A Personal Flyer For My Novel – February 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

Here’s a brand new post devoted to a very, very personal graphic project regarding my novel. Yes I know I’m still obsessed with it, but even if I know most of you won’t read it because it’s in French, I’m glad to share it with you. Because today, this blog is my oldest blog and remains my favorite. :)


My Flyer

I decided to find a solution to promote my novel’s site, because it’s very difficult to find readers and people to post comments on different chapters and posts. And promoting it on readers’ forums is awful because in fact people publish their post and don’t really care about what other people do. What I’m trying to do is creating something dynamic on my page, with sharing, comments, and so on, into knowing what people really think about my writings, and if it’s worth continuing writing and writing this novel’s sequel. I’d really like to see it published as a book one day, but I am beginning to be desperate, after one year posting this story on the Internet. So into “celebrating” this first year, I decided to use my new competences as a graphic design student and to create this flyer. :)

Given what I’m able to do now, this flyer doesn’t look particularly beautiful, but I wanted it to feet header picture and style of the page Anyway, it’s dark and relatively harmonious, just fitting story’s atmosphere. I re-used a photomontage I made on Photoshop and with InDesign, I added a title, a summary, and the logo of organization protecting my text.

I’m really glad to share it with you, because I’m sure you would read it if you could! :) So I want to thank all the followers of this blog and hope this story will have so many success it could be translated in English… ;) 

Have a nice day!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Study For My Novel – Stylish Superintendent Huber in Tim Burton Style – February 2015

:) Dear Readers and Followers, :) 

TimBurton006I’m really busy with my graphic design stuff and at the moment I’m only providing drawings from my so-called “Tim Burton Series”, depicting different characters from my novel Le Sang des Wolf in Tim Burton style (with my personal touch, of course!)…

You’ve already seen Zoé, Tristana, Jan and very handsome Lukas, but now, I’m glad to present you a very eccentric (I’m realizing all characters are a little bit eccentric), superintendent Ulrike Huber, the superior of detective Terwull who investigates the case of the Wolves’ Killer. I paid a particular attention to her outfit. Indeed Ulrike Huber is meant to be an athletic, very hot, short-haired, blond lady in her early fifties, always very elegant in her flattering and fitting suits, wearing fashionable glasses. She likes New Age stuff and burns incense in her office, as you can see in drawing’s background, into chilling out when she’s working on a stressing case and has to respond to Austrian Police Direction. She also likes men. A LOT. And don’t judge the book by its cover, elegant superintendent swears a lot. In very vulgar terms.

She’s my father’s favorite character. :) I’m really sad you can’t read it and enjoy Frau Huber’s good words! ;)

Have a nice night and sweet dreams! I’ll be back soon with Detective Terwull, Wolfgang Wagner, Markus Finsterwald, Wolfrat’s members and so on… :) Still in Tim Burton style. :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration For My Novel – Main Character’s Dark Romance – Valentine’s Day 2015

Hey you, Dear Readers and Followers!

LukasZoéLiebe001I’d like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, and hope you had a good day with your special one. To people who are still looking for this individual who will make you feel terribly good and incredibly alive, I’d like to say I’m sure your time will come! :) Mine has still not come, but I keep hoping it WILL! ;)

I know Valentine’s Day has a commercial dimension, and many companies make money with it. But it’s still good to show our special one we love them. No need to make a present, to spend amounts of money. I know it’s a day like others for many couples, that showing love is an all day issue. But creating occasions of spending time together and sharing a tender moment is so beautiful too!

So I’d like to share with you this drawing related to my novel’s main characters, Lukas and Zoé. It’s my Valentine’s day spoiler, because this scene never happens in first book… but I am currently writing the sequel, with this romance that all my readers expect. :) Of course it has a darkly sweet, erotic and physical dimension. There’s nothing on Earth like feeling your special one’s warm body at your side. Zoé and Lukas are embraced, you can see Lukas’ scars due to his past and his glowing eyes due to his special nature. I willingly reproduced color association – dark grey, black and several shades of blue – of my Tim Burton series, because they fit my novel’s atmosphere.

So I hope you liked this representation of a love scene, of a passionate and deep love binding both characters. It may be fictive, most of us secretly dream of such a love!

Have a nice night!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Training My Vector Drawing – Egyptian Priest – February 2015

Good Evening, dear Readers and Followers!

EgyptienAfter HOURS of hard work, I am finally presenting one of my first attempts of… vector drawing. I am currently working on graphic design homework implying usage of vector drawing. ONLY vector drawing. 

I have a lot of ideas. But I have to say I am not very good at vector drawing, and that I need to practice a lot if I want to produce quality homework, like other students from my graphic design class. Because I got the impression my level is very, very low compared to them. So I decided to train myself, and these past few days, I took the initiative of a little drawing exercice.

I took a model and tried to reproduce it in vector drawing. As I was fond of Egypt when I was younger, and as Egyptian art features are relatively pure and easy to reproduce, I finally chose an Egyptian priest. I tried to use several tools of Illustrator – motives, transparency, creation of color gradient, shadow effects… – and to add my personal touch. I even created a background with a texture imitating papyrus paper. I paid a special attention to clothes, jewels and ceremonial accessories reminding of a blue and golden leopard. I also insisted on veils and transparent cloth. The fact is I am fascinated by Ancient Egyptian fashion.

I know it is not perfect, and that it looks quite… ugly. But it’s a start, and I am really impatient to discover some new functions of this wonderful software into becoming a talented and brilliant graphic designer! Cross your fingers and send me some good vibes! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration for my Novel – Study – Zoé in Tim Burton Style – February 2015

Here is a new variation on Zoé character, from Le Sang des Wolf,  in Tim Burton style.

She still looks like a doll, but I chose to represent her in a coat, not as a femme fatale. But you can still see how sexy she looks.


I only changed the technique – I mean, blue pen. I hope you like it!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration for my Novel – Tristana in Tim Burton Style – February 2015

Hey you, Dear Readers and Followers! :)

I’m continuing my Tim Burton style series reproducing some characters from my novel online, Le Sang des Wolf.


I just drew one of main female characters, Tristana Terwull, Zoé’s friend and detective Terwull’s daughter. She’s tall and blond, she’s cute… But as my mum saw this drawing, she only said: “She’s cute. But she’s not Zoé.”

I let you judge if you like brunettes or lovely blond girls! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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