Ink Drawing Inspired by my Novel Online – Young Lady and the Wolf – May 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,

LadyWolf001I’m back on today with a second ink drawing. This time, I’ve been inspired by my novel online Le Sang des Wolf. At the moment, I’m really busy with my graphic design learning, so I don’t create something really new regarding drawing. So I’m trying to keep the good work with topic I and you already know.

I re-explored the topic of the young lady and the wolf. I drew it in a few minutes. I played with contrast, shadows and features. I highlighted wolf’s and young lady’s eyes. I’ve been inspired by Japanese manga comics and animated series, where young ladies always have big starry eyes. It also made a kind of look-alike with wolf’s bright eyes.

Of course the girl looks like Zoé, my main female character – the same doll-like face, the same big dark eyes, and the same messy and wavy hair. The fact is I re-started posting chapters of the novel on its website, so I’m really, really inspired. I only miss time!

I hope you were pleased to see my Zoé and her favorite wolf again!

Have a nice day!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Ink Drawing – Dark Dancer – May 2015

Dear Readers and Followers,


I’m finally back with some new creation, a dark ink drawing inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and its famous… dance scene. :) I decided to draw a new half naked female dancer wearing a kind of dancing suit in sparkles hiding some strategic areas of her body, and a particular feathered hat.

I wanted it to be very dark, with the dancer emerging from fumes and obscurity, like a kind of demon. I used ink like a pen, for its high contrasts and because of its powerful features allowing a great expressivity in illustration.


I hope you liked it, and I’ll be back very soon with something new on this blog! Have a nice day!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Metrosexual Wolf and Trendy She-Wolf in Urban Forest – May 2015

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers!

I’m glad to show you my last “creations related to wolves… As I already wrote in previous post, I’m working of something involving wolves. So I’m currently sketching many, many wolves. But a kind of wolves “adapted” to our lives, some kind of “human” and trendy animals. Indeed you probably noticed I’m quite fond of wolves, and now I’m studying graphic design, I think it’s re-educating my eye, and it leads me to new ways of sharing my ideas, re-creating my universe with new media.

I’m glad to show you some creations related to wolves.


A trendy She-Wolf  (Ink and felt pen)

I was quite impatient to post them on Facebook. Indeed they’ve been inspired by a French-speking animated series from my childhood Moi, Renart (“Me, Fox”), where characters had animal faces. Main character was a detective looking like a fox, and opening theme is unforgettable. I used to be a fan as a child. Recently, I watched BoJack Horseman with my bro’, and it reminded me of Moi, Renart‘s great universe. Knowing I love wolves so much, you can imagine the result! :)


A Metrosexual Wolf (Ink)


Trendy She-Wolf (Ink)

I chose to make them quite trendy and smart-looking… Indeed, as I started this blog, I still looked like a student with my jeans and trainers – I still wear them, but since I’ve been a receptionist and experienced high-heel shoes and lovely dresses making looking me more feminine, I quite enjoy being fashionable, casual and rock. Not for the others, but for myself. I like feeling elegant. So I drew a kind of metrosexual wolf in a tight suit, reminding me of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, so sexy and so British. Regarding she-wolf, she looks more cartoony, but I paid a particular attention to her outfit – I imagine she’s wearing a lovely dress with a suit jacket, and a long trendy necklace. I like imagining absurd and extraordinary thinks, so I guess those drawings are the beginning of something bigger, a kind of series devoted to wolves or animals behaving like humans.

I’ll tell you more in a few days! :)

Have a good night, and dark, sweet dreams!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Sketches and Studies – Stylish and Dark Wolves – May 2015

Hey you, dear Readers and Followers!

I’m back with some new sketches on studies devoted to… wolves. Once more. I love them so much! :) But for once it has nothing to do with my novel online (but maybe one day, it could be, if I decide to change the illustrations). But at the moment, I’m working on a particular projects involving… a wolf. :) I can’t tell you more about it, except I needed to draw wolves’ faces.

Here they are!


An amusing wolf… looking like a dog (Pencil)


A quite elegant and cartoony wolf (Pencil)


A wolf’s elegant profile (Ink)


A wolf with tongue hanging out (Ink)


Yawning Wolf (Pencil)


Wolf crying under the Moon (Ink)


A wolf, which seems having seen a ghost…

I’ve used two techniques – pencils and ink – and hope you liked them. I tried different styles, and one portrait even looks quite cartoony. I wanted strong contrasts into recreating expressive and dark pictures. I wanted to draw wolves who could remind us of human behavior. I’ll be back soon with some new stuff, and I wish you a good night and dark, sweet dreams!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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