Graphic Design – Abstraction on Four Seasons – October 2014

At least I finished it!

This graphic design composition is meant to represent… four seasons. Yes. It’s an “abstraction”. I had to associate an idea to each season and work on it with… dots. I associated different ideas:

Spring: Groth, delicacy. This is a time of rebirth and expansion after the winter.

Summer: Abundance. Don’t forget it’s harvest season in some areas of the world!

Fall: Decline and accumulation before winter.

Winter: Introversion. This is a time of rest and isolation before springtime!


Spring – Growth


Summer – Abundance


Fall – Decline


Winter – Introversion

It was totally new for me. Indeed, as a self-learner, I have to say I never had to “intellectualize” creation! It’s really interesting, it’s like solving a problem. Of course, it’s far away from what I usually do! But I dare to hope you could like it anyway!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration For My Novel – Chapter XXXI – Detective Terwull is Attacked!

A last illustration related to Le Sang des Wolf for today!

In this scene, Terwull has a terrifying encounters with glowing-eyed beings running after him…


He tries to get home as quickly as possible, hoping his daughter Tristana is not in danger…

As you can see, suspense is unbearable in Chapter XXXI! I only wish some of you could read it!

Now have a nice day, my graphic design homework are waiting… :) And in a while they’ll be online!

Blanche Mt.Cl.


Illustration For My Novel – Chapter XXXI – Zoé Is Back Again!

Good news for my followers who like illustrations related to my novel online, especially representations of my main female character: our gothic lolita with angel’s face, Zoé Vifchesney, is finally back! :) Indeed last chapters I posted on my novel’s blog mainly focused on detective Terwull, Lukas Finsterwald and investigations…

So, here is our sweet and lost Zoé, who’s got some issues in her personal life, and who ignores she’s in danger until she realizes a strange wolves pack is following her… AGAIN!… You can see their shadows on present drawing… For me, it was a great pleasure to draw her again – her curly hair, her big dark and expressive eyes…


Zoé’s reappearance wouldn’t be perfect without a reunion with… my favorite main male character Lukas Finsterwald, who’s going to save her ONCE AGAIN. Both characters haven’t been seen together in the same scene since… Chapter XX and their intimate conversation in the kitchen at Zoé’s birthday. (In fact, they have been seen together once, but Zoé was not aware of it…). My readers were impatiently waiting for this reunion! I hope illustration is up to it! :)


I hope you liked this illustrations! :) (Bleeding Hell, why do I put smileys everywhere at the moment?) May I suggest you, if you can read in French, to have a look at Le Sang des Wolf?

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration For My Novel – Chapter XXXI – Angry and Scared Lukas

Another illustration related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf

Of course, if you’re already following this blog, you know who this blond guy with bright blue eyes is: main male character, Lukas Finsterwald, the “hottie” of the story.

In this scene, he finds painting marks and graffitis on his car, with a note from hostile cousins regarding what could happen to our main female character, Zoé, because of his treason to his family… As you can imagine, Lukas is getting angry… Look at this light in his expressive eyes as he understands young lady is in danger…


If you like my illustrations, and if you can read in French, may I suggest you to have a look at my novel Le Sang des Wolf, mixing police investigation, supernatural, family secrets, history and romance? :)

Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXXI – Hot Depressed Metalhead

I’m back with some new sketches and drawings from my novel online Le Sang des Wolf

In this scene, wolves’ expert Wolfgang Wagner feels depressed because he let a criminal escape. Young officer Sperling (“sparrow” in English) tries to comfort him (and to flirt with him) but he doesn’t even realize it! :)


I hope you likes this drawing! If you can read in French, may I suggest you to have a look at Le Sang des Wolf?

Graphic Design Homework – Expression of Wilderness – October 2014

:) Hey everyone! :)

Here some… different work. VERY different work. At least different from what I usually do. But it’s part of my graphic design studies. In this “expression” exercise, I had to work on three different formates (vertical and horizontal A4 sheet, and a square formate), with black, white and another color, and written expression “Attention Animaux Sauvages” (“Beware of wild animals”).

I used orange – I thought I could use yellow but contrast with white would have been strange. And I has precise ideas of free fonts I wanted to use. I used Stencil (copyright) free fonts.


I had some difficulties with this first one…


… But I had the impression this second one was better.


Here’s my favorite one. Working on a square was really, REALLY enjoyable and I took a great pleasure in arranging typography.

I know it’s not what you’ve been used to on this blog, but graphic design implies you sometimes follow precise instructions! :) We can say I am learning to organize my creativity. I really hope you enjoyed it and that I’ll be able to develop my own style very soon.

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Last Sketch – Fighting Devil – Color Pencils – October 2014

:) Good evening to you! :)

Diable001I’m glad I found some time to draw something personal, something which is not related to my novel online!

So, let me introduce a new version of the Devil… in colors. Yes I wanted to use my new pencil! :) Now I’m able to paint colorful pictures, and now I’m studying graphic design, I really have to learn using colors on my sketches and drawings. I used warm colors like red, orange, yellow and several browns.

Of course, it’s only a sketch and I re-used an old motive I’ve already worked on – I mean angels, demons, and so on… I am fascinated by this kind of topics, related to religion and dark mythology. Especially by the fact that in Old Testament, God and Devil were supposed to work close together. In the Book of Job, God even asks Satan – the “accuser” – his opinion about Job’s, who’s considered to be valuable, faithful and loyal.

Visually, I got several influences. In background’s curves remind of Art Nouveau motives: recently I read a book about heavy metal graphics; I really enjoyed it and saw that some heavy metal designers have been influenced by this artistic movement as they designed some album covers. I am also fond of Medieval stuff – especially armors – and Hieronymus Bosch‘s paintings representing Heaven and Hell, and wonderfully imagined creatures and demons. I admire this artist and always wonder how the Hell he managed to have so many ideas, to create so many monsters and gory stuff. I also like representing angels and demons fighting in a Medieval aesthetic – wearing armors and chain mails, and using weapons like spears and sword. By the way, I represented Archangel Michael and Devil this way two years ago. Drawing is on this blog.

I also have mythological and literary inspiration. I made the relation between Egyptian god Seth and Satan, and gave Satan’s tail the same shape as Seth’s. In Ancient Egypt, red-haired people like Pharaoh Ramses II were considered to be acquainted or blessed by this powerful god in charge with thunder, storm, destruction, sterility and desert. He also had a positive dimension, although he killed his own brother Osiris: he stood at the prow of Râ’s boat (Râ is the king and father of all gods) during the crossing of underground world during the night, wearing light and threatening giant serpent Apophis which tries to swallow Râ every night into avoiding a new sunrise on the following day. Ramses II the Great even created a Seth division in Egyptian army.

At least, I am fascinated by Mephistopheles character in Goethe’s Faust. I imagine Mephistopheles taking the appearance of a young, very attractive – dangerously attractive, red-haired, smiling young man. He has to be attractive for everyone, so I chose to represent him lightly androgynous with a disgusting sex-appeal like Requiem character in French comic illustrated by Olivier Ledroit, Requiem Chevalier Vampire.

I hope you liked this post and that these explanations gave you some ideas of my different influences… And I also dare to think you liked this colorful sketch…

Blanche Mt.Cl.


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