Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXXIII – Boys and Girls Reunited – November 2014

Once more, I’m posting illustrations related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf. In this scene, main characters reunite at our brunette’s, Zoé. In this sweet scene taking place short after Christmas, Zoé has the opportunity to show her friend Tristana (detective Terwull’s daughter) her last painting…


During this quiet evening, her best friend Jan notices how Zoé changed since they met at the university, how she became softer and more gracious…


And at least, our tormented Lukas feels so good near Zoé that he falls asleep! ;)


I hope you enjoyed this sketches and that I’ll very soon provide new stuff!

Have a nice evening!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration For My Novel – Chapter XXXIII – Sexy Metalhead is Back! – November 2014

:) Hey, hey, hey! :)

Dear readers and followers, I’m back with another artwork related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf. Here’s another portrait of Wolfgang Wagner, our sexy, goth’ and blond expert. I had not a lot of time to make this drawing, so it ‘s very simple. But effect is interesting.


Indeed, our sexy expert has something of a manga character with simple, but relatively harmonious and attractive features. Maybe the shape of the nose… I let you decide. :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Some Good (or Evil) Advice – Graphic Arts – November 2014

:) Hey Dear Readers and Followers! :)

I celebrated my 28th birthday last weekend and received many birthday wishes from people I love; I had some good marks at my graphic design homework. So I feel incredibly well, positive… and full of my legendary dark sense of humor. :) I felt good enough to make personal tests on Illustrator

It’s quite simple cause I’ll need some time to produce some impressive artworks with 3D effect and to reproduce some of my drawings. I have been inspired by flat design. Indeed I think this simplicity is very efficient, and I am considering testing it in my new experimentation as soon as I will start my web-design course. Anyway, it’s not our current topic!

Maybe you remember one of my last creations, Free your Devil inside, created with InDesign. In the meanwhile I had received my notes and advice from my graphic design teachers. I took them into account into creating these brand new “artworks” with Illustrator. I wanted it to be funny, dark and funky…

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are my advice…

Angel - 1

Maybe you think we all have Good and Evil in ourselves, like a little angel and devil talking to us, reasoning or tempting us. And sometimes, we’d like to elude this little angel into doing funnier stuff. I’m not talking of GREAT EVIL, I’m talking about small pleasures, or audacious endeavors in our private life, crazy things we didn’t dare to do… I’m 28 and I’m only beginning to put some craziness into my life! ;)

Devil - 1

In addition, I found making these artworks was interesting in terms or creative research and reflexion. Indeed I made a lot of sketches. I thought these creations like visual identity, and I wanted some coherence on it. Font was the link. I used a kind of Stencil Font (Gunplay), except concerning the “A” – very elegant, like we conceive angelic stuff – and the “V” – like pencil, or flame, into evoking a world full of passion and danger. Concerning Angel, I used cold and soft colors like blue and grey in gradient, and I used a very light special effect for the halo. It’s very geometrical, quiet, peaceful and… tidy. On Evil Side, I wanted to recreate a stylized face of devil. But I wanted to evoke both a face and a flame. Colors are hot (red, orange), curves are more sensual, passionate.

I think it could be wonderful as a great visual identity for a bar, urban pub or nightclub with an evocative name related to Heaven and Hell… Like a painting of Hieronymus Bosch (one of my favorite artists EVER) like The Last Jugement, Earthly Delights… Or if you really want to laugh, and if you’re a fan of Simon Pegg or Nick Frost, this visual identity could fit a trendy version of The End of the World! ;)

I really hope you liked it, and that I’ll produce some new stuff – digital arts, drawings and PAINTINGS (I desperately want to paint at the moment!) – for your pleasure!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXXIII – Detective Terwull and Wagner – November 2014

In previous post, you could see my novel‘s main character, Zoé, trying a wonderful piece of corsetry. But other characters, like wolves expert Wolfgang Wagner and detective Terwull, investigating the case of “wolves’ killer”, spend a terrible Christmas. Indeed a new victim has been discovered near Stefanskirche in Vienna…


Our sexy metalhead, Wolfgang Wagner, feels guilty because he feel’s responsible for suspect’s escape during wolves’ fight, is irritated and argues with a forensics expert, as this one tries to tease him into comforting him…


On this pic’ detective Terwull comes back home after identifying a corpse, one day after Christmas. He’s terribly down, but his daughter Tristana is so happy to see him that she hugs him… Some sweetness after darkness.

But it’s not over with sweetness: in one of my next posts, you’ll see Lukas and Zoé together… AGAIN. :)

Have a nice evening!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXXIII – Main Female Character in Ball Outfit – November 2014

I’m back on R-Bl.-Mt.Cl. II with a new post related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf, which represents… main female character Zoé, celebrating Christmas with her family. On this picture, she’s trying her Christmas present, a corset she wants to wear at a very posh New Year’s Eve Ball in Vienna.


Knowing the brunette has something goth’, I have been inspired by brand Corset Story ™ as I wrote the novel. So she wears a wonderful pearly white corset adorned with black embroidery.

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Dark Sketches and Studies – Main Characters – Fall 2014

I have a bad habit: I usually make my sketches on “flying sheets”, as we say in French. :) So I recently gathered my sketches in a big blank book into making sure I wont lose them. In addition, I find they’re quite pleasant, maybe as pleasant as finished illustrations. All sketches and studies which are represented here are related to existing illustrations posted on this blog… But the way I arranged them looks like… “scrapbooking”.



On this first page, you can see my studies related to wolves’ fight scene: wolves’ master, a mysterious woman leading a pack of particularly violent wolves to an illegal fight in the middle of the forest in Vienna area. On the bottom of this page, both illustrations are related to another “violent scene”: Lukas Finsterwald coming back home, wounded, after this night of fights. I know my sketches look quite… “fantomatic”, but I love working on such a basis. So I have an idea of what finished picture will look like, and I am free to add some details.


On this second page, illustration at the top relates to the scene I just mentioned, as Lukas father’s, Markus, takes care of his wounded son. Following sketches and studies represent main female characters: cute blond Austrian Tristana and her best friend, our female “hero”, if I dare to say so, dark-haired, dark-eyed French girl Zoé. Tristana’s portrait’s final result was already posted last month. Regarding Zoé, I just made her portrait for my pleasure, because I like to think she communicates some impression of mystery. She’s quite calm, often lost in her deep thoughts and hides a passionate nature. She evolves a lot in the novel and her mysterious outlook impresses people surrounding her. This is an impression I want to recreate each time I draw her.

I really hope you enjoyed this view on my sketches… :) and that I’ll produce more pleasant stuff related to these sketches in a near future.

Have a good night! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – Thirteenth Flashback – Strange Encounter – November 2014

As you probably know if you are following this blog, and even if you can’t read my novel Le Sang des Wolf, some scene take place in the past. They’re extracts from detective Terwull’s grandfather’s journal as he investigated the case of Doctor Wolf in the early 1950′s, as Vienna still was under the authority of the Allies after WWII.

In this flashback, the old Terwull relates a terrifying discovery and a strange encounter with a glowing-eyed stranger and a very quiet wolves’ pack in the underground of Doctor Wolf’s clinic…



I really hope you enjoyed this small drawings. If you did, you can follow this blog or my Twitter account (I’m twitting both in English and French), or like my Facebook page! :)

Have a nice night, and dark, sweet dreams!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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