Magazine Editing – Graphic Design Homework – Project 3: Classic and Minimalist – December 2014

I’m going to conclude with an insight into my third magazine project, inspired by classical stuff. I wanted my composition to be sober and balanced, relatively minimalist, but not to simple. I chose Futura font for titles and other graphic objects as texts are in Minion Pro – more classical, reminding of academic publications and giving an impression of seriousness. I didn’t invented it, but it’s part of my visual communication course to know what impression a simple font can make! :)

Projet 3 - Actus

Project 3 – News Column

As you can see in News column, I willingly desaturated colors and played with shades and transparency. Reading must be comfortable into allowing reader to focus his/her attention on information and photographs. Regarding pictures, I also desaturated some parts into highlighting some architectural details.

Projet 3 - Dossier

Project 3 – Main Topic Column

I enjoyed working of this project, really different from previous ones. It’s obvious in Design column.

Projet 3 - Design

Project 3 – Design Column

I wanted to add some touch of modernity in such a classical layout. But a soft modernity, communicating an impression of peace you’d probably like to find home. I played with soft and acidic greens, yellow-greens and light browns. It could remind of ecological houses or spa (my mum told me it was really pleasing to watch, and added it reminded her of Yves Rocher beauty institutes!).

I’d be curious to know what you think of it! :)

Have a nice evening!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


Magazine Editing – Graphic Design Homework – Project 2: Urban – December 2014

I’m back with my second magazine project inspired by urban and industrial environment. Two elements were importants: fonts and colors. I wanted to create something meant for educated, active and urban readers living in big cities, used to urban environment and it’s bright colors. So I chose Rockwell font for titles, as I used comfortable Century Gothic for texts.

Projet 2 - Actus

Project 2 – News Column

Regarding fonts’ colors I picked a color in pictures: so both pictures and texts can match. It took me some time but realization’s phase is pretty cool. I enjoyed myself with News column’s bright and saturated red.

Projet 2 - Dossier

Project 2 – Main Topic Column

I treated Main Topic the same way, with a color reminding of stone constituting Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

Projet 2 - Design

Project 2 – Design Column

Although I kept most parts of layouts in Design column, I used two categories of colors reminding of industrial architecture like metal grey, black, grey-brown, and warm stuff like orange, wood brown or copper. I adapted the fonts and played with this contrast into making my pages more dynamic and attractive. In addition, I quite like this kind of contrast in a house.

I hope you really liked this one, and now I’m going to write a post devoted to my third proposition.

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Magazine Editing – Graphic Design Homework – Project 1: Retro – December 2014

Good evening Dear Readers and Followers,

As you probably know if you read one of my last posts, I have been quite busy these past few days, working on my graphic design homework. I just finished it TODAY. My purpose was to present an architecture magazine project – more precisely, three projects a potential client could choose. Now I’m going to write a summary of it and bind my research booklet. In next three posts, you’ll have an insight into my layouts. Logos will come later.

Here’s my first project with a kind of retro or vintage inspiration. I chose Bauhaus 93 font for titles and page numbers, because its curves reminded me of some lines of timeless design and architecture artworks (I think of building of the 1960’s and 70’s), as texts are in Helvetica Neue. I know vintage stuff is quite fashionable for “trendy” people living in big city and enjoying design.

I had to elaborate three double pages: News, Main Topic and Design.

Projet 1 - Actus

Project 1 – News Double Page

As you can see in News columns, I chose to limit colors of fonts – black and dark grey on a white paper. I didn’t want to do it too kitsch. Colors come from saturated and bright-colored pictures highlighting the lines of buildings and objects.

Projet 1 - Dossier

Project 1 – Main Topic Double Page

I treated Main Topic this way, trying to make reading comfortable for potential customers and pictures big enough. After all, it’s an architecture magazine, so visual dimension is very important: readers have to see architectural details.

Projet 1 - Design

Project 1 – Design Double Page

In Design column, we’re meant to present several trendy or cult design objects. I selected some of them, bright-colored, into making a balance with dark fonts and graphic elements. It’s very punchy, but it reminds me of an IKEA catalogue.

I spend hours on it, but it was a project I achieved quite quickly. And you, what do you think of it? :) I’m going to post something about both following projects in a few minutes!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

BLOG NEWS !!! Regarding My Novel and Illustrations

IMG_3714Dear Readers and Followers,

I’m done with posting my novel online Le Sang des Wolf : I posted the finale on Monday and I have to say I’m going to miss it. My God, it’s a shame I cannot write fiction in English, I would have been glad to share it with you! :) But who knows what will happen? :)

Maybe you’re fed up with those illustrations related to it… ;)

Anyway, it doesn’t mean everything is over! :)

Indeed, the version I put online is a more recent version of the story I totally reworked and rewrote. I don’t give up on publishing it, because I’m very proud of the way I did it, of the new finale. I plan to re-send it to other publishing houses, because I am sure Le Sang des Wolf would look great in a book store or library! ;)

Now I am going to devote some time to the sequel Les Larmes du Loup  (Wolf’s Tears), still taking place nowadays in Vienna, still “starring” handsome blond Lukas, beautiful dark-haired Zoé, Detective Terwull and wolves’ expert Wolfgang Wagner. :)

I also plan to use my new competences in graphic design into creating a “graphic universe” related to Le Sang des Wolf and producing more “serious” and elaborated illustrations! :) I’m currently really busy with my graphic design studies, so I hope I’ll achieve this project!

Thanks for following this blog! I hope I won’t disappoint you!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustration For My Novel – FINAL – Glowing Eyes in the Dark – December

Hey, hey, hey! :) 

Here’s my novel‘s LAST illustration. The moment which introduces the sequel! Glowing eyes in the night… Most beautiful eyes of the novel, eyes of one of main characters of this wonderful, both dark and sweet story…


I really, REALLY hope you enjoyed this drawing. I took a great pleasure in making it. It’s very simple, and striking. Just as the end of the story is! :) 

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – FINALE – Wolf in Wienerwald – December 2014

Dear readers and followers,

In the second section of Le Sang des Wolf‘s finale, a wolf is screaming in Wienerwald – the forest surrounding Vienna and other little towns like Baden and Mödling in the area… It sounds terrible, like a desperate cry in this snowing night.


As he hears that, Markus Finsterwald, who’s driving back to Vienna, stops and begins to run in the forest,  he sniffs the air and thinks of terrible tragedies in his life and of his son Lukas, who’s suffering…


I hope you liked this wolf and this sad portrait of Markus…

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – FINAL – Markus Finsterwald – December 2014

I’m back with some illustrations from my novel online Le Sang des Wolf, which ended on Monday. In this final (I don’t want to show off, but the fact is I love this final, I’m very proud of it, and it’s a good way to introduce a sequel :) ) Lukas’ father, Markus talks with his family about his son, as he’s looking through the window at falling snow…


In this scene, we also see another important person close to Markus, Lukas, and their family: Elisabeth Strauss, a beautiful red-haired widow who also is the owner of the apartment where Zoé and her flatmates live…


I hope you like these both portraits… Following drawings and posts are coming! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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