My Contribution To VXM(agazine) Goodbye Issue – August 2014

VXM (Villa Cross Media), a wonderful international youth project I took part in, in Ipswich (UK), is currently ending. One of my great regrets is I won’t send any digital arts contributions, now I got some competences in this area. I signed a contribution under my name – they know me under my name at CSV! I was the team’s Froggy, and I took some pleasure in gently teasing my English co-workers! :) – to tell how this experience changed my perception of life. Writing it was really, really moving, and reading the contributions of some people I knew almost moved me to tears!

Here the link to the magazine. Frenchie’s contribution is p. 10-11! Some of my illustrations have been inserted in the layout imagined by wonderful Shannon. May I suggest you to read her contribution (p. 18)? She’s one of inspiring people I met during this experience, with my favorite geeky VXM-project-manager, Darren, who also wrote a contribution (p. 31) in this special issue.

Good reading!

Blanche Mt.Cl.

P.S. : If you want to tease English people, tell them England is a department of Normandy, or repeat them Clemenceau’s famous words: “England is a French colony that turned badly.” ;) No offense if you’re from British islands! I love the English and British people in general! 

Collage – Contrast of Proportion – Against Use of Children in Conflicts – August 2014

Here is my last collage. Maybe the one I made the quickest, after a sudden inspiration as I was cutting some war reporting pictures. They were black and white, with different shades of grey (please, no unappropriated innuendo!), and communicated such a feeling of sadness… Especially children in war zone. I know it seems relatively cliché from a woman, but for personal reasons I feel concerned by children. I rediscovered this part of myself as I worked at CSV as a volunteer writer: I used to write article introducing young people to geopolitics and had to find relevant subjects like… child soldiers. I had worked on it during my studies, as I wrote a report about Charles Taylor’s trial. Children involvement in conflicts is something I feel deeply uncomfortable with, especially for reasons I mentioned in my article (p. 28 of the magazine – I wrote it under my name).

I had the idea as I saw the picture of cartridge cases near the picture of a little girls playing in the middle of ruins.  I chose colors like grey and red – a warm color, that could be both reassuring and frightening, color of love and danger, color of blood and aggressively. I covered such a subject on an allusive way, like in engaged art. 


Some keys to understand this picture: I kept grey shades of pictures I found in war reporting articles, except cartridge cases I found in article devoted to gun legalization issues in the US (all these part of the collage come from magazine Time). It seems like the child is drown in cartridge cases, just like a red strawberry. Sherry and strawberry are something securing you can find in a mum or grandma’s kitchen. They represent security children expect from lords of war they’re serving. But this so-called security is nothing compared to violence these children suffer (wounds, hunger, sexual violence, drug, death) and inflict. This hand at the bottom of the picture, which could be a child’s hand, received nothing. Because at the end of a conflict, it remains nothing from well-being and care they thought they’d find by becoming part of a fighting group, except blood on their hands.

I edited this pic several times. I started with cutouts filter, which makes the collage really expressive. There’s some issue with red of the blood, but actually the fact the grey of the hand is lightly colored by red is not so bad. So I re-colored the red into making it brighter.


In a second version, I applied an oil painting effect, which makes picture expressive too. But not as expressive as cutouts filter.


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Blanche Mt.Cl.

Collage – Successive Contrast – August 2014

Here’s a new collage. Not my favorite. Anyway.

I had to represent successive contrast. This phenomenon consists in staring at a picture for a while, and thereafter looking at the white surface: your eyes continues to see the picture you just watched, but in complementary colors, like a negative. This collage was like a game: I tried to imagine how I could explain this to kids on an attractive way. So I made some silhouettes representing a Japanese woman in traditional costume, and chose several colors into highlighting some clothes elements. It reminds me of kokeshi dolls, traditional dolls starred by Kimmidoll™ brand.


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Blanche Mt.Cl.

Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXV – Sexy Zoé – August 2014

I’m back with new illustrations for my novel online… depicting main female character, Zoé. I hope reader’s perception of this character is changing. ‘Cause Zoé is changing. Surrounded by several attractive young men, she’s also experiencing – late! she’s 23! – the discover of her own attractiveness, and the rediscover of her own desires. I cannot tell you more without a spoiler – knowing that some of my French followers know this blog and read in English – but given her recent adventures and encounters with wolves, her desires have a new dimension.


Zoé kissing her flirt, on their way back from Vienna Opera

In addition, she’s ready to take risks with her body and soul, going to men as she has fallen in love with an attractive blond prat who – she thinks – doesn’t love her. I am sometimes afraid readers think my Zoé is stupid or conservative because this young lady is sensitive and romantic. But she’s not only a soul, she’s a heart, a body, flesh and blood. This part of the novel is the occasion of uncovering her sex-appeal…


A very suggestive picture of Zoé… I can’t write what’s happening to her and I let you guess…

If you can read in French, I suggest you to read my novel online Le Sang des Wolf. You can click on the following link:, or like my page:

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Blanche Mt.Cl.

Collage – Contrast of Saturation – Tribute to DM – August 2014

I’m back with a new collage… In my opinion, nicer than last one, and a lot more sober than first three ones. It represents a contrast of saturations. I used motives of paper into giving the impression of different colored values.



I knew I wanted to make something vegetal, but nothing in particular. As I was listening to Depeche Mode – one of my parent’s favorite bands I’ve heard since I was a child, and now one of my favorite bands – I was like struck by thunder. I remembered one of most beautiful album cover I’ve ever seen. It’s simple. Sober. And as cult as album itself. Of course, Depeche Mode fans recognized Violator‘s rose!

Then I tried different interesting effects. I started with cutouts, which, in my opinion, was adapted to this type of contrast.


I also tried an oil painting effect, which looks absolutely gorgeous in this case.

Collage005 copie

Once more, I edited my work with poster edges and oil painting. That makes this artwork particularly expressive.


At last, I tried stained glass. In my opinion, perfectly appropriated. Indeed it reminds me of churches, and I think there’s something divine in Depeche Mode’s music, especially in songs like “Sweetest Perfection” from Violator


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Blanche Mt.Cl.

Collage – Contrast of Light and Dark – August 2014

I’m back with a fourth collage for my graphic design stuff… Actually, I don’t like this one, compared to the others. It’s meant to represent a contrast of like and dark. Influenced by film noir aesthetics – I called the collage “Film Noir” – I represented a woman smoking and breathing in fumes…


I didn’t edited it, ’cause filters were not particularly adapted to this kind of picture.

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Blanche Mt.Cl.

Collage – Simultaneous Contrast – August 2014

Here is another collage of mine, a piece of homework devoted to my graphic design homework. It’s meant to represent simultaneous contrast but I got the impression… the effect is not really visible. So I’m a little bit disappointed on that point. But I like what I represented. It’s like someone, surrounded by a fast paced world, listening silently to this noise. Looking quite but screaming inside. :) It’s a little bit personal, because I feel quite emotional at the moment, thinking at the future and fearing I won’t achieve my projects!

Here is the collage…


I also edited it, just as I did with my last collages… I tried several funny things. :) As I already wrote, I am not fond of artistic filters, except on my own creations. In addition, I like the 3D effect of collage, once they’re scanned, and they’re not lost with filters… Here is my first editing version, with an oil painting effect. It makes it very soft but, a little bit less expressive. At least I think so. But it coud be a wonderful piece of decoration.



Here is the second version, I added a poster edge filter and reinforced the contrast. After that I added oil painting effect. It makes it really expressive, and I think it could make a wonderful wall decoration for the office of a creative agency, or comic publishing house. I looks… I have no word! It’s really flashy and dynamic!



In this last version, I used same effects as precedent one, but I completely change the balance of colors. I stopped when I saw my favorite colors appearing! It’s nice and decorative, but not as strong as original colors.




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Blanche Mt.Cl.


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