Sketches For My Novel – Lukas’ First Tear – November 2014

:) Dear readers and followers, :) 

Here’s my last post for tonight… This is a study related to my novel online next chapter. This is both a romantic and tragical scene involving male and female main characters, Lukas and Zoé. Once more, I used low quality paper I like.


Zoé in Lukas’ Arms

In this tragical scene, (SPOIL!) my readers will see Lukas shedding his first tears – after they thought at the beginning at the novel he only was an arrogant prat. I don’t know if they’ll feel pleasure or pain, but writing about it pained me a lot… I can’t tell more. And who knows? I still hope finding a publishing house! Maybe this novel will be translated one day?


I hope you liked these sketches and that I’ll be able to provide new drawings and paintings very soon!

Have a good night! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Study For My Novel – Chapter XXXIV – Angry Lukas – November 2014

CroquisSW002Here’s another sketch related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf, especially to chapter I’m going to post very soon. It’s a tense moment of the story and many characters are sad, angry, or feel terribly humiliated.

In this scene, main male character Lukas gets really, really angry and had a violent encounter with one of his cousins. It’s not really visible on this sketch but his lip is meant to bleed as he’s facing his whole family after a terrible evening…

I drew it on low quality paper, but pencil seems to be really light and it, and it’s quite easy to blur pencil on this notebook. It looks quite hollow and dreamlike. This is the reason why I like those sketches so much…

I hope you enjoyed it! I am going to post another one tonight… :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Study For My Novel – Zoé Attacked By a Wolf – November 2014

I’m back with another drawing related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf… It’s an old inked sketch I produced as I was working on Chapter XXXI Illustrations. In this chapter, main character Zoé is attacked by a wolves pack and tries to escape. But beasts overtake her and pounce on her. I tried to represent this moment and Zoé’s terror.


I finally illustrated the scene on another way, but I kept the sketch I found quite attractive and energetic. It’s the proof sketches sometimes are as powerful as achieved drawings! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Blog News – My Profile on Paperblanks Blog!

Blanche Mt.Cl.:

It was one year ago! :)
The least I can say is that I went a long way since then! :) I let you judge! :)

Originally posted on R-Bl.-Mt.Cl. II:

IMG_2956Hi Dear Readers and Followers!

I recently had an interesting opportunity of sharing my point of view about my artwork and creative activities…Do you know wonderful journals Paperblanks? I am really fond of them, and filled several of them since a few years!

And today, an article devoted to my blogs artworks, to my inspirations and ideas about creativity  has been posted on Paperblanks blog! It’s also about myself and how creation matters to me in my all-day life. Questions I have been asked aroused my interest, and I really wanted to answer sincerely. I mentioned my interest in storytelling – my interest, I mean, my PASSION for storytelling – and the other arts I practiced as a teen.I had to think a lot about it, and I became conscience of how I work when I write, paint and draw.

If you want to know more about…

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Sketch – Delicate Wolf – November 2014

:) Hello, hello, dear readers and followers! :)

After my book review, I’m back this morning (it’s quite early where I live) with this new, very simple sketch. You could think it has been inspired by my novel – and you’d not be totally wrong – but the fact is I ofter draw wolves.

I really like this one. Why?


It’s very simple, I made it with pencil and ink, in two minutes. At least I think so! :) You can see its features are not really sharp, but it’s on purpose. Even its nose and eyes, the texture of its peels, are simple doodles. I like it because of it’s delicacy: indeed, this animal doesn’t look very threatening, it reminds me of a dog. It could appear in a comic or in a children’s tales book…

So I wish you to have a nice day, starting with such a touch of sweetness! :)

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Inspiration – Book Review – Metal & Hardcore Graphics (2014)

Dear Readers and Followers,

For the first time on R-Bl.-Mt.Cl. II, I’m glad to post a book review devoted to something… original. I mean a book about Metal & Hardcore Graphics.

Indeed I quite like dark stuff, and enjoy listening to metal music. Yes, people seeing me like a “delicate flower” because I also like pop music and fashionable clothes could be surprised! Anyway I’m not a specialist of heavy metal as my brother is. He made me discover heavy metal about ten years ago, with Iron Maiden and Seputlura (to be honest, it took me some time to appreciate Sepultura… I changed my mind after seeing them performing on stage. I was ecstatic!). I have to say I was hesitating at this time. Indeed I had heard of Marilyn Manson‘s “eccentricities” and wasn’t really sure of what I could think of heavy metal. I even had a negative perception of it. But the fact is once I was “in it”, I felt something BIG. Emotions, physical sensations, transe.

The fact is many people have a very negative perception of it. Most of time they have no idea of how this music really sounds (they only focus on so-called satanism, on some extreme facts related to only a few bands, on guys growling, thinking they cannot even sing and only spread hate), they’re not even aware of its diversity. If I dare to say, there’s not only ONE metal, but… several. My purpose is not to present you different types of metal, my brother could do it better, if only he had a blog! But through heavy metal graphics, you can have an idea of the variety of this universe.

Photo du 23-11-2014 à 20.22

Indeed, metal and hardcore are not only a sound, a spirit. It’s a whole universe. It’s several universes, highlighted by graphic arts. Cristian Campos’ book Metal & Hardcore Graphics explores metal’s visual dimension. This is one of first “serious” books on this topic, which is very often overviewed. That’s a nonsense, because there’s a strong relation between music and graphic arts, given that designers work with artists into creating their album covers, posters and merchandising. Indeed, would Iron Maiden universe be complete without their mascot Eddy? What would be Rammstein without their cross-like logo?

This book is organized in several parts focusing on different dimensions of heavy metal arts: album covers and booklets, posters and flyers, t-shirts, photography, logos, merchandising. Several designers are interviewed. Interviews are translated in several languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish) so their points of view, perceptions and explanations are accessible to many people. It would be hypocritical to assert all their artworks are colorful and joyful. You’ll find several references to violence, sex, satanism and paganism, death, and a pretty dark sense of humour. Anyway you cannot ignore creativity of these designers who produce diversified and technically amazing artworks, smart, bold, eye-catching, spelling and darkly funny. You make like or not, but I’m sure it won’t let you totally indifferent. And after all, great artists like Rembrandt, Hieronymus Bosch (I warn you, he’s one of my favorite painters) or Otto Dix painted pretty dark and disturbing masterpieces! Although I am not totally ignorant about metal and hardcore, I have been surprised by the variety of visual and artistic influences – Art Nouveau, dark arts, tattoos, tribal arts, gothic arts, Expressionism.

I purchased Metal & Hardcore Graphics into getting a source of inspiration allowing me to develop my own graphic universe as a future (break a leg) graphic designer, once I’ll master all graphic arts technics. I recommend this book to every people who want to develop their knowledge of graphic arts – because they practice graphic design, or because they’re just curious: abundance of illustrations will provide a rich source of inspiration and plunge you into a fascinating world.

I hope I aroused some curiosity from your side, and that you’re keen to discover or rediscover this wonderful universe!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.

Title: Metal & Hardcore Graphics

Author: Cristian Campos

Publisher: Frechmann Kolon GmbH

503 p.

Illustrations For My Novel – Chapter XXXIII – Boys and Girls Reunited – November 2014

Once more, I’m posting illustrations related to my novel online Le Sang des Wolf. In this scene, main characters reunite at our brunette’s, Zoé. In this sweet scene taking place short after Christmas, Zoé has the opportunity to show her friend Tristana (detective Terwull’s daughter) her last painting…


During this quiet evening, her best friend Jan notices how Zoé changed since they met at the university, how she became softer and more gracious…


And at least, our tormented Lukas feels so good near Zoé that he falls asleep! ;)


I hope you enjoyed this sketches and that I’ll very soon provide new stuff!

Have a nice evening!

Blanche Mt.-Cl.


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